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PHD - transision from elementry school. to high school

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Studies that have been based on parental, teacher and children’s reporting, showed that the sharp transition from kindergarten, with its intimate atmosphere, to school with its formal demands harm the child’s function in the emotional, scholastic and social fields, and make his adjustment to the new system difficult. These transfers between schools are perceived as a factor that can  be potentialy stressful, even if they are perceived as a normative transfer. The first study in this text compares the influence of the transition from kindergarten to first grade on educational self efficacy, and self control in two different frameworks.

This transition was looked at through infant schools to a more traditional framework. Infant schools are an administrative educational framework in which kindergarten and first grade students learn together depending on local conditions, sometimes second grade students were included as well. During the transition from first grade there is an importance of the transition that is similar to two frameworks. The history of the infant school is given in the text as well as how the English model of it was adopted and fitted for Israel. Both types of schools are compared and contrasted to help understand the differences of the structures. Multi-age learning is one of the benefits of the infant school which is briefly expressed through several parts of the preface through different researches and an explanation of what this consists of.

 The second research being conducted compares the influence of the transition on sixth grade age children in two frameworks: one is elementary school (8 years-frame) and the other is a separate building for junior high school (3 years -frame). In the transition from elementary school to junior high there is an importance to the information that transforms between the schools. The Junior Ttjunior High transition has an importance that transfers from the routine system to the absorbing system.

A brief background on the different transitions of elementary school to junior high school and junior high school is also given in the text to build an understanding of what a child is going through, during this time that is considered a crisis. Also in order to help explain these statements above certain background information is given to help elaborate on how the school systems became what they are today. An explanation on the structure of the schools systems, the history of the organized structure of Israeli school system, and background information used to make comparisons with the different frameworks. Different pros and cons about the six year sequence are also stated for comparison. Transferring to new school during an academic year is another form of a transition that has also had an effect on a child, though this article doesn’t concentrate solely on this it is necessary background information that is needed to understand the main research in more depth. A general background of different programs in Israel is also included in the preface. With this background knowledge specifically unique to Israel there is evidence shown different ways an Israeli system as dealt with this crisis period. The programs such as the ETGAR program and the Maavarim programs have their own unique mechanisms that deal with transitioning into a school setting.