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Desire in Moby Dick - English Seminar

Thesis statement: “readers considered Ahab as the hero of Moby Dick, but he seems to lack the basic elements of heroism that Ishmael has“

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Moby is the most interesting American novel ever, which passed a long road of ignorance, depreciation, failure and many difficulties to sit the throne of the American novels. Moby Dick is translated into more than 40 languages, and it became famous in all over the world. Thus, many people from different places and cultures are exposed to this novel that contains many aspects of human lives, and different readers can see those aspects from different points of view and argue about it. But I think that there is one aspect that is the most important and its significance can be equal in almost every culture because it is related directly to human's psyche no matter what their culture or race is. This aspect is "Desire", which I think that it is the essence of the events in the novel in its different levels.

For me, it is very interesting to study and discuss this subject because I feel that desire has an important role in our daily lives as human beings who have their instincts